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Jimi Hendrix
Muddy Waters Acrylic by UrsRich4Art
Evening Affaire
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The paintbrush is in Ursula's hand and ready to paint many different styles and mediums in all sorts of canvas sizes. Ursula's masterpieces are one of a kind and she only sells in prints. The Victorville-based abstract artist has gained exposure as she explores her new passion. The portraits of incredible musicians and the early 19th Century Burlesque era, and landscapes.

People are saying, "Ursula's portraits have a Picasso style abstract and Vincent Van Gogh style to her work." 


  Ursula is still learning as she studies other portraiture artists on youtube to make her work one of a kind as well as studying art at Stradford Career Institute, hopefully, one day getting her masters in abstract.


Help Ursula's talent grow by contributing with gift cards!  The cards accepted are Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's would be greatly appreciated!  


Send to:


Ursula Richards

Mailing address:

17100 Bear Valley Road, #171

Victorville, CA 92395




These Project Collections coming soon between 2021/2025. 

Working in progress:

Mother's Day Collection
The Eagles Collection; 
The Natives Collection;
An Irish Heritage Collection; 
The Burlesque of 1920 - 1940's Era Collection.

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Bald Eagle
1920 Era
Muddy Waters Acrylic by Yaya UrsRich1
Jimi Hendrix edit
Glen and Ashley Campbell
Jazz musicians
Willie Nelson
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan
Dawna Ursula David Red
Red Simpson
Chuck Berry
Ocean Breeze
Class project
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