About Yaya UrsRich


Yaya UrsRich, also known as Ursula Richards was born near Detroit, Michigan. Her dad was a race car driver in Michigan and continued racing in San Bernardino, California. He even drove for the Yellow cab driver until his death in 1999. He also operated a business in San Bernardino RCA TV Repair, repairing televisions. Ursula's mom was a homemaker and San Bernardino dispatch with the local police dept in the 60's and 70's.


After Yaya UrsRich moved to California Ursula always had interest in music and art all the way through college and homeschooling when she was ill. While in college Ursula even took modern Jazz dance classes.


Ursula always had an interest in the artistical world from sketching to music. You might say Ursula is one of a kind soul.


After Ursula's grandson came to this world she decided it's time to find her passion, something she had always wanted to to go back since she was knee high and that is painting and playing the guitar.  Ursula says, "when it comes to painting or music you grow in life you become an artistically a human being that hopefully, the grandchildren looks up to." 


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