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Campaign for an upcoming show 

Yaya UrsRich Burlesque Extravaganza

You will be notified of the Time and Date!

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Online $200 per person

The tickets will be delivered via email.
No door sales
Get your tickets show up win prizes!
Donate any amount 
The more you donate the bigger the show and a better location.
Tickets are sold separately!

The show will be an exciting event as you walk through the doors all of a sudden you are in an era of Burlesque and beautiful people hear 1920's music it is like going back in time. Wear your favorite 1920 clothes to win best costumes and dance contest in between the show.

You will be greeted at the door to show 


What will you win? You win a basket full of goodies, what is in the basket? Well, could be a trip to a spa; a retreat; even a $100 gift card. 


There will be an auction of the paintings throughout the night. After you win the painting the print will be mailed to you via UPS. 


auctioning off the paintings there will be an incredible big band orchestra, burlesque gals n guys, dark chocolate fondue to dip your strawberries in, Hors d'oeuvre & Champagne, entertainers and many many surprises. 

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